Tuesday Confessional 01/22

Birthday Bash
My son’s 4th birthday party was this past Saturday.  So I’ve been working on that like crazy.  I will have several posts to create from the event (how to’s and that sort of thing) so standby for when I have enough time to make the posts.

Here is where planning ahead gets you into trouble.  I buy Mason’s Christmas and birthday presents early because there is so much to buy at one time.  We knew our plan was to move him into a “big kid bed” and his bed is convertible.  What I didn’t know is that it is full sized instead of twin sized.  So I ordered his new bed set in September…in twin size.  Doh!  And now it doesn’t look like the company will exchange since the purchase was so long ago.  So I may have to buy him a new one and sell the other one.  So lesson learned…don’t be like me…be a procrastinator!

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