Tuesday Confessional 02/11

Again, sigh.

Yes, I am dieting again.  After Brie was born I went on a diet and lost 40 lbs.  But a year later, I’ve gained back 25 lbs.  So I’m on a diet again.  Sigh.  I really hate dieting and honestly I would not bother to do it if I wasn’t genetically dispositioned to gain it all in my chest and stomach.  Every woman in my family is that way.  Big boobs and after we have kids…big tummies.  It’s rather disgusting to put on a pair of pants that fit great, except for the roll of fat that falls over the rim.  Sigh.  Again.

And on to something else very gross…

My son is the worst about potty training.  He’s four years old and he’s been wearing underwear for over a year now, but even to this day, he still has regular accidents.  The kid is convinced if he tries hard enough, he will never have to poop again.  He doesn’t want to waste the time it takes to go to the restroom, so he just holds it.  For days….  Want to know what happens to a kid who holds their poop for days?  Well, unfortunately I am an expert in this area.  First they get really bad tummy aches.  Then they have two or three constipated bowel movements withing a 2-3 hour time frame.  Then they have really bad diarrhea for a time or two.  This is what happens every time.  So we keep going through this cycle over and over.  Yesterday was Mason’s day to be constipated.  Today was his day to have diarrhea.  So the school sent him home early and completely messy and he can’t go back to school for another 24 hours, even though he isn’t sick, because that is the rule.  Fun huh?

 Next Month

Next month I am going on a girl’s trip with my bestie-friend.  Woohoo me!  Now I have to just make sure I don’t ruin it by checking my work emails every 5 min. the whole time.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Confessional 02/11

  1. Oh *sigh* too man, also dieting. Although I don’t, as you know, actually diet. But it is time for me to take a look (again) at what I’m eating and quite how much *sigh*. Was complaining in a clothes shop last week that their sizes were too small. Then another clothes shop … figured out it was ME! Ha.
    Mason’s school is very strict about mess huh? Gee, poor little fella. My eldest (5) doesn’t like to poo at school so he also holds it. Every afternoon when he gets home he races to the bathroom!
    And … Woo hoo! Girls Trip! Promise you’ll post about it? And promise not to look at your work emails??

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