Tuesday Confessional 03/04

Women of a Certain Age…

Today I “Googled” a search for “best clothing for women age 40-50″.  I wanted to see which clothing stores it recommended, however one of the links was a Pinterest list called “Looks for Women Past a Certain Age”.  Since I do enjoy Pinterest, I clicked on it to see what Pinterest had to offer.  Sigh.  It had several gorgeous models aged 50-60 with beautiful silver hair and great figures.  I don’t think it was relevant at all to me, not so much because they are older than me, but more because in another 10 years I think I will have  more wrinkle than skin.  My likelihood of looking that good are slim-to-none, or rather, none-to-none.  It seems to me, I hit forty and it’s all flowing down-hill fast from here.  I’ve always been a person who acted older than I looked, but now life is reversing itself.  I am starting to look older than I feel and want to act.  What the fuck?  I’ve finally physically caught up with my mental self and I don’t know how to handle it.  My body has passed me and is about to leave my mind in the dust.   It sucks ass.

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