Tuesday Confessional 06/24

Bathroom Refresh

When we moved into our house 3 years ago…we had plans to remodel the bathroom.  However, after having to replace and air conditioner unit then resurface the pool, well, the funds for aforementioned remodel never magically appeared.  So…I decided (after looking at unpainted bare walls and ugly gold builder grade trim for three years) to do a refresh instead.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting step-by-step instructions for how to complete each of these mini-projects and how much they cost so any one of you can do the same!


And of course, this blog is not complete without a party!  The next party on the docket is my daughter’s third birthday and it is shaping up to be pretty awesome.  But you never know until the guests start arriving as to whether the party will be a success or not!  So we shall see.


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