Tuesday Confessional 07/30

Party Posts Are Coming!

Besides all the posts I owe about my daughter’s birthday party, also my super fabulous birthday part was on this past Saturday night.  It was amazing, but I can not take any of the credit. I have been working about 50-60 hours a week and focused on my daughter’s party so I did not have time to plan a party for myself.  My bestie offered to host the party for me and she did the most fabulous job ever!  I was blown away and she did a much better job than I ever could have done!  (And that is saying a lot!)  Although she was in process of caring for her two small kids full-time, selling a house and buying a new house… she did a wonderful job and made it a night to remember!  I will chronicle everything for my readers soon and you will be amazed!  This is a photo of my bestie and I (I’m on the right).  We don’t look to bad for a couple of forty-year olds’ do we?  (Well, she’s not forty, until next year anyway!) Boy, do I owe her for this one!  Big time!

Me and My Bestie!

Me and My Bestie!


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