Tuesday Confessional 09/24

Americans Work Too Much

In the last five weekends, this is the first one I have not worked (I’m not talking about shift work, I’m talking about extra hours worked beyond the workweek).  It’s on the eve of a week where I know I will be working overtime during the evenings next week because my boss is in town and I will be staying late to answer questions and do what needs to be done while he is here.  My standard vacation is 2 weeks per year.

I have worked with many international companies.  Some countries work even more hours than we do, but some countries work much less.  There are many countries where the standard minimum vacation is 4 weeks.  They also strictly watch overtime and even for salaried workers make the companies pay more.

For the USA, what is to show for all this extra work…nothing.  Of any of the industrialized nations, in the past the US was in the top for economy and production.  Now we are not.  All of this extra effort and work isn’t getting us ahead.  I think it is time to rethink our priorities as a nation.

The Eggplant!

An update on the status of my eggplant.  (Not that anyone cares except me.)







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