Tuesday Confessional 11/20

It’s been a super crazy week and I have a lot to write for today!

Right Mom?!
I can’t tell you how hard I laughed about this scenario when I saw it.  It was just one of those things you see and you can’t believe it’s happening.  Marc and I went to a ballet and afterwards we stopped at a local trendy bar in downtown Plano Texas.  Downtown Plano is very small, quaint, brick street, old fashioned downtown.  On the way into the bar we walked past a new business which advertised itself as an “event destination” aka party planning.  So I commented to Marc about it being the first time I had seen it so it must be a new business.
So, after a beer and sandwich, as we exited the bar and walked back past the new establishment’s entrance, police men crossed in front of us and entered through the open door.  I glanced over and saw a woman (early to mid 20’s) who was wearing a tiara and crying as she talked to the officers with her mascara running all the way down her cheeks.  I heard her say, “I kept telling them to make the right choices!” and then she reached over an tapped an older woman’s shoulder who was leaning over a party table and said, “Right Mom?!”  LOL  All I could think was Lindsey Lohan!  But the funniest was the older woman was not like Dina Lohan, she was more like Angela Landsbury.  So my husband and I continued to our car, got in, backed up and as we turned to enter the roadway, a senior citizen couple (I would guess late 60’s) was dancing (the waltz) in the middle of the street!  We stopped and waited.  A cop came out into the street shaking his head and escorted them to the side of the road.  It was quite a surreal situation.  All I can say is, when I am that age, I hope I’m just like that couple.  Ha!

The Heal of a Shoe
As you may have seen on my website, I put a lot of work into my daughter’s first birthday party.  It was a massive amount of effort and I really appreciate anyone who tries to do that sort of thing all on their own.  Well, I had a very good friend who did the same thing for her daughter on Saturday.  She threw a gala Knight and Princess party with all the trimmings!  And….well….I forgot the party.  I was all geared up to go, bought the present the week before, heard the hype and was excited, but somehow life got away from me and I thought the party was on Sunday and not Saturday and we missed it.  I felt so bad.  The worst part is that I have no excuse!  And I’m not a person who does that sort of thing.  I am ALWAYS punctual and ALWAYS dependable, but for my friend on this occasion, I was not.  And I feel just like the heal of a shoe because there isn’t anything I can do to fix it or go back and relive the day.  She promised to send me pictures so I can post it on my site, but I just don’t know how to make this right.  I’ve forgotten things before, no doubt, but it’s always been something I could re-do later, in this case I just suck and that’s it.  :(

Space Commodity in a Refrigerator
We have two upright refrigerators (which have both a refrigerator and freezer section) but I am still constantly having the issue where we don’t have enough space.  My husband Marc bought two very small containers of yogurt which he says he eats at work and really likes so he bought it for home.  However, those containers have been in the refrigerator for over a week now (almost two) and every time I try to put something in the refrigerator, they are in the way.  They are only about 1″ tall by 3″ wide, but they take up just enough space where I can not sit a bowl or anything else there.  Isn’t this sad?!  What a stupid thing to think about!  I can’t imagine what this is going to be like when my kids are teenagers and eating like garbage disposals.

Brie’s First Pigtails
My daughter Brie finally has enough hair for me to be able to do something more than just headbands.  I made her first pigtails today!  They are a little crooked, so Mom has to work on her hair skills!

Mommy’s Other New Christmas Present
So last week I posted about my new sewing machine…well, this week I am posting about my new Keurig!  A lot less expensive but still quite lovely!

She’s a Talker!
My 16 month old daughter officially says more words now than my son did at 2.5 years.  Every word we say she repeats it perfectly.  Still no sentences, but her word count is more than 29 words, I stopped counting at that point.  My pediatrician said the average 2 year old says 25 words.  My son was using less than 10 words at the age of 2, so there’s a big difference between these two kids!

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