Tuesday Confessional 11/26

Wow me!

So a few times I have been surprised by the favorable responses I’ve received for my blog.  Here are a few of my favorites!

I am featured on a Japanese (?) website for awesome pom pom parties…or at least that is what I think the page is for…. can someone help me translate? ;)  Google translate seems to indicate they like my varied use of materials in my pom poms.

6th Link on the page

Another time, I was featured on a French Canadian mommy blog which was apparently searching for how to make an M&M cake and loved my site.  I lost the link, but saved the title.  I tried to find the link again, but couldn’t.  :(

“je cherche un gateau avec des mm au milieu”

Apparently today I was featured on a blog which I am going to assume was for my awesome gingerbread houses…but it’s only a guess because you have to create an account to log in and check.  Someone want to find out for me?  Maybe they were just bitching about my over use of pink.


And lastly but not leastly…a few weeks ago I was contacted over Facebook from a desperate housewife who wanted to pay me to make tutu invitations for her daughter’s first birthday party…I kindly and gently let her know that I do not sell things from my blog, I post them for free for any mom to download and make herself.  I don’t think she liked that answer.  :)

Hey…flattery will get you anywhere with me, keep it coming! Ha!

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