Tuesday Confessional 11/27

Is Five Christmas Trees Too Many?
So yeah…we have five Christmas trees.  Decorating for Christmas is a pretty huge ordeal at my house, not because I have a huge house, but because I try to cover every square foot of it in red and green.  When I was a child, my family very rarely bothered to decorate a Christmas tree (maybe 5 times in my life), so I’m overcompensating.  When Marc and I got married, we each had an artificial tree so we kept them both.  Then when Mason was born (on Dec 23) we wanted him to have is own mini-tree for his homecoming on Christmas day.  Well, then Brie had to have her own tree to be fair.  And since the kids don’t get to participate very much in Tree #1 or Tree #2 because they are both “fancy” trees, and Mommy chose blue for Mason’s Tree #3 and pink for Brie’s Tree #4, we decided this year to start having a live tree as our “family” tree with all the kid’s home-made ornaments and miss-matched ones they choose for themselves.  This year Tree #5 is fairly barren since it will be populated over the years with ornaments the kids make and choose, but some day it will be quite lovely.  (Not really, it’s going to look very schizophrenic, but Mommy will just have to learn to deal with that.)

Out of Town
I will be out of town this week for work travel.  Thankfully my new job does not require much travel (which was a requirement of mine before accepting the job but in my industry it’s a hard requirement to fill) and my new job has been VERY understanding and nice about working travel schedules around my life for what little travel they require, and for that I am grateful. But this week is one of those few weeks when I need to travel, but not to worry, I have postings lined up to auto-post as always so you won’t even notice I am gone!  I have so much shit going on all the time that I usually have posts lined up for 1-2 months at a time.  I don’t have enough to post every day, but 3 times a week is a breeze!  (Hmmm, maybe that means I should work on raising my quality level.)

Duck Dynasty
My guess is many of you have not watched this show or even know what I’m talking about when I mention it, but for the first time today I watched a few clips of it.  My life as a child was eerily similar to this show…except we weren’t rich…and most of my relatives were not quite that intelligent (yes, they are above average intelligence for local hillbillies)…and we didn’t have quite the close-nit family values they have.  (So what’s left you say?)  Well, watch the show, subtract out what I mentioned above, and that was my life!  It’s quite sad really, because if you take out those things, life is not all that great.  In any case, Si is my new hero! :)

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