Tuesday Confessional 12/04

Christmas is Coming!
In case you haven’t noticed, Christmas is coming.  There is no way to miss it at our house.  Last night I tried one of those Pinterest recipes…homemade peppermint marshmallows…and they turned out great!  Love me some Pinterest!

Then I tried peppermint meringues…

And peanut butter pretzel balls…

I hate you Pinterest!

Attack of the Gingerbread Men…er…Houses!
This past weekend was my marathon gingerbread house baking weekend.  I spent 11 hours baking 42 mini houses and 4.5 hours assembling them.  I won’t be signing up for that many next year.  Craziness!

For the full post on how to make these little beauties…

Gingerbread Houses

These boots are made for walking…
This post has nothing to do with anything…except cuteness!

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