Tuesday Confessional 12/10

I’m a little behind

When my son was born I decided to make scrapbooks for him to document each year.  However, that thought only lasted two years because it is a lot of work!  When my daughter was born, I knew I would not be able to manage two kids and do scrapbooks for them every year.  So I made two for Mason (plus an elaborately long baby book).  I planned to do the same for my daughter, but have been delayed…

Fast forward to this week and I realized my daughter is now 2.5 years and has no scrapbook at all and also her baby book is not finished.  So I am rushing to start and finish all of it before she turns three.  If my daughter had been born first and my son born second, he most likely would not have cared if he had a scrapbook like his sister.  But oh lordy, if my daughter grew up and realized I made scrapbooks for her brother and not for her?!!!  There would be hell to pay.  She is already a diva now, so I can’t imagine what her reaction would be.

Juggling Act

I have too many irons in the fire (as usual).  I am working a contract job, starting a new business, trying to manage the holidays, catch up on things I am behind on, post on my blog…and what else?  I don’t know but the list seems endless. Oh yeah, AND I’m on a diet.  Which sucks ass. Seriously.

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