When Toddlers Text

I picked up my phone to text a friend and I noticed something strange.  At first I couldn’t figure out what was going on.  I saw messages I did not recognize and at first I thought they came from her.  Then I realized what happened.  The texts looked like this:

Lllllllllkkkhhgf (sent)

(picture of my daughter) (sent)

LkkkkkkkkkkkkkkhhgggggfffffdfMason (sent)

Mason (sent)

(video of my son swimming naked in the swimming pool) (sent)

My son had started texting my friend during a time when I “thought” he was playing his alphabet game on my iPhone.  On the downside…he is only three and is already sending nude pics of himself on a phone.  On the upside…at least he knows how to spell his name! Ha!


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